Thursday, May 14, 2015

7 Ways To Create The Perfect E-Newsletter Subject Line – Part 2

Welcome back! If you recall in last months blog we touched on several ways create the perfect email subject line…all while engaging your audience to want to open your email! We weren’t quite finished last month…so here’s 4 more tips for ‘ya!
  1. Add a listPeople love lists. This blog is a continuation of a list – point proven! They’re easy to read and can be skimmed while still receiving the main take-away. By using a list in your subject line, it tells subscribers that your content is well organized and easily digestible.Example from my inbox from Greatist: “9 Amazing Bacon RecipesWho doesn’t love bacon? By looking at this email subject, subscribers know exactly what they’re going to get – 9 bacon recipes formatted in a clear and organized fashion. Knowing this will be a quick read with interesting content will further prompt recipients to open it.
  2. Make an announcementIf you have something new and exciting to share about your business or organization, share it in an e-newsletter and convey your enthusiasm through the subject line. Make your subscribers feel as though they are gaining exclusive first knowledge of what is happening, so they will want to open your e-newsletters to be in-the-know.Example from my inbox from Caribou Coffee: “It’s here! It’s here!What’s here? It’s impossible NOT to ask that question after seeing this subject line. It’s that time of year again for spring beverages – knowledge that is first shared exclusively to newsletter subscribers.
  3. Be uniqueStray away from what’s common and boring. Know your audience well enough to guess what other organizations, companies and brands they follow. Take a look at how your industry-mates craft their email subject lines, and don’t do that!Example from my inbox from Ann Taylor: “Emily, The Time Is NOW…”Ann Taylor got personal, addressing every subscriber by their first name. Think outside the box, finding small ways to connect with your consumers that will set you apart!
  4. Say something unexpectedCreating shock factor is a useful way to get your email noticed. By adding humor, a little-known fact about your industry, or a startling statistic, you will catch your subscriber off guard while they are scrolling through their inbox.Example from my inbox from Urban Outfitters: “Meet us for brunch?You wouldn’t expect that a clothing company would want to grab a meal with you. Of course, the email was actually selling outfits to wear to a brunch-like setting, but the randomness of the title is enough to make a subscriber open the email to see what it’s all about.
With these tips in mind, you will be able to stand out amongst the hundreds of other e-newsletters the average consumer follows. For more questions on subject line etiquette or e-newsletter help, contact TRIO!

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